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Our Mission

Shaofeng Li, the founder of This site is owned and operated by Shaofeng Li. As an office worker, I spend most of my time (7-8 hours) every day in my office chair facing the computer and knocking on the keyboard, which has caused serious damage to my shoulder and spine for several years. What’s worse, my weight has started to increase from 70kg to over 90kg, for which I have gone to the hospital many times for treatment. Sedentary lifestyle makes me suffers a lot from poor health issues and also affects the efficiency of work.

Therefore, I decided to change!

I initially built a stand-up workstation myself by simply adding a small table on my office desk to force myself to stand up very often. However, long hours standing can make me feeling tired on my feet and knees. So, I started to think about that maybe I need a standing desk that can adjust height - whenever I want to sit or stand, it can meet my demand. After I bought one, I gotta tell you, it really helps! I combined sitting and standing together throughout the day by using height adjustable desks, and after several months my shoulder and spine pain symptoms have reduced. And the fat around my abdomen also decreased.

Why Start a Business

I believe that there is a large number of people who encounter the same problems just like me. Thus, in 2003, I started to get involved in the ergonomic industry and started to dive deeply to learn what ergonomics is and it’s application in home office setups. Three years later, in 2006, I established my own factory that manufactures ergonomic home office products aiming to help more people improve their wellness and get rid of unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.
Initially, we were just a supplier to many well-known businesses. After getting more and more positive feedback from their customers, saying that their work efficiency increases, their health condition improves, and seeing the smiles on their faces after using our products, we decided to do something by ourselves - and... here we are!

Why choose us?

Customers are our foundation

  • Talented & efficient team
  • Constant innovation
  • Professional assemply line workers
  • A premium shopping experience
  • Attentive after-sale service
  • Multiple communication methods: LiveChat, Email

Our Team

We have an excellent business team which integrates foreign trade sales, domestic sales and domestic & cross boarder e-commerce. The team members are proficient in English, German, and many other languages. We provide a variety of interactive ways such as livechat and email, to make sure you can connect with us at any time and get premium shopping experience from our website.

SpassWay currently owns an own factory and sells products directly to customers, and we are always proud to offer our great products to customers across the globe.

According to the data

5 hour 41min sitting

On average, American office workers sit 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk.

300,000 deaths

300,000 deaths occur due to inactivity in the US each year.

Only 6.5% exercise enough

Only 6.5% of American's meet the minimal physical guideline requirements for work.

$24 billion medical spending

Sedentary lifestyles are responsible for an estimated $24 billion in direct medical spending.

Therefore, We keep our prices low and our quality high so that more people can own a standing desk to work healthier and say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle.

Ergonomics, your smarter choice

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