Free Shipping on all orders over $99*


QUESTION What payment methods do you accept?

We accept: 1. PayPal; 2. credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB card, Discover card and Diners Club card.

QUESTION Which courier service will deliver my shipment?

We ship the goods via Fedex/DHL/UPS.

QUESTION When will my delivery arrive?

About 3 weeks after you place your order.

QUESTION Is the delivery free of charge?

Free shipping worldwide for order value over $99. The shipping cost for the order value below $99 is $20.

QUESTION Is delivery to Canada, Australia, England or other countries possible?

If your shipping address is outside of U.S, please contact us for this via email

QUESTION Is on-site pickup possible?

Unfortunately not.

QUESTIONWhat happens if the product I receive is defective?

SpassWay will replace (at no charge to you) the defective parts on any of our products when the defect is due to improper workmanship and/or material. If SpassWay is unable to provide a replacement product, and repair is not practical or cannot be completed in a timely manner, SpassWay may elect to refund the purchase price in exchange for the return of the product.

QUESTION What is the return policy?

If you don't think the product is suitable for you after you receive it, you can easily return it within 30 days (start from the date you receive the good). Please email us at the return request with: 1.Reason for your return; 2.Possibly photos or videos; 3.Your order number; 4.Return address. We'll respond to you ASAP

QUESTION How do I exercise my right of return?

Please inform us of your decision by e-mail at the e-mail address within 30 days of receipt of the goods (period starts on the day of receipt of the goods).

QUESTION What is the return address?

Once we receive your return request, we would notify you by email.

QUESTION Do I have to pay the shipping cost for the return?

If there is any problem with the quality of the goods, then we will pay the shipping cost to return the goods. Otherwise, you have to pay the shipping cost.

QUESTION Will I get all my money if I cancel my order?

Your order will be fully refunded if canceled within 24 hours of purchase. Please email us at if you decide to cancel the order. Orders canceled after 24 hours of purchase but before shipping will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee. We DO NOT accept cancellation requests if the orders have already shipped.

QUESTION Is my data secure in the ordering process?

Yes, your data is secure. We use SSL certificate in our ordering process, so your data will be encrypted and transmitted securely.

QUESTION If I want to order multiple tables, can you offer a discount?

We are happy to offer a discount for bulk orders. Please contact us at before placing an order.

QUESTION Who is SpassWay sit-stand workstation the ideal choice for?

All desk workers who work both at home and in the office are recommended to change their seated workstation to an ergonomic sit-stand workstation with the help of SpassWay.

QUESTION What should I do to compensate for the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time?

Numerous studies over the years have shown that a sedentary lifestyle can cause many health problems later in life. A major cause of the increase in sedentary lifestyles is the prevalence of desk jobs. In terms of fitness, productivity, well-being and health, it makes noticeable sense to work in motion, i.e. sometimes sitting and sometimes standing.

QUESTION Why is a height adjustable desk much too expensive than other normal desks?

Normally, an adjustable height desk costs two to four times more than a normal desk. However, this is only a disadvantage at first glance: On the one hand, all SpassWay height-adjustable desks with Memory Function are electrically operated, so at the push of a button, the desk can be raised and lowered automatically. On the other hand, a height adjustable desk is an investment in health & productivity. By changing from sitting to active standing, back pain is relieved and fatigue & sluggishness are overcome.

QUESTION Can I order only the frame without the desktop?

Yes, it is possible. You can directly order the frame on the website.

QUESTION How long is the warranty of the height adjustable desks?

All height adjustable desks are 3 years warranty period for the frame, motor and other mechanisms, and 2 years warranty period for the control box and cable.

QUESTION Is the assembly of the SpassWay height adjustable desks easy? What tools do I need?

The assembly is quite simple. We supply all the assembly tools needed in each package. Most customers can set up their new desks in just 10 to 20 minutes.

QUESTION Does SpassWay height adjustable desk use a normal 120 volt power outlet?

Yes. Our height adjustable desks is compatible with standard 110V-240V outlets.

QUESTION How long is the cable of the control panel ? In other words, how far can this desk be from an plug board?

Quite long, about 94”

QUESTION Does the desk come with cable holes in the top of the desk?

All of our height adjustable desks come with cable holes except the desks VM-GHED121D.

QUESTION How does the memory function work?

Take the height adjustable standing desk SJZ-03M as an example: first press the up/down button to set the table to the desired height. Then press the S button and then the 1/2/3 button to save the height as the sit/stand height. Then when the next time you use it, the table will automatically adjust to the saved height when the 1/2/3 button is pressed, regardless of what height the table is at.

QUESTION How is VM-GHED121D different from SJZ-03M?

The main differences are: VM-GHED121D has one motor, whereas SJZ-03M has two motors; the desktop of VM-GHED121D is slightly larger than SJZ-03M; The height adjustable range of SJZ-03M is slightly wider than VM-GHED121D.

QUESTION How is PC001AAB different from SJZ-03M?

The main differences are: the desktop of PC001AAB is much larger than SJZ-03M; The height adjustable range of PC001AAB is wider than SJZ-03M

QUESTION Is it difficult to assemble the standing desk converters?

No, SpassWay sit-stand desks are pretty easy to assemble. All the assembly tools you need are in the package.

QUESTION How long is the warranty of the standing desk converters?

How long is the warranty of the standing desk converters?

QUESTION Does the standing desk converters have enough space for 2 monitors?

Yes, all SpassWay standing desk converters are suitable for two monitors.

QUESTION How is HVS-B01 different from HVS-B02?

The biggest difference is in the groove. Compared with HVS-B01, HVS-B02 has a groove where you can put your phone, tablet or Kindle.

QUESTION Are the standing desk converters easy to lift and lower?

Thanks to gas spring mechanism, all the standing desk converters are easy and smooth to raise and lower. You only need a little force to do it.

QUESTION Will the standing desk converters wobbly while using?

No, with the sturdy construction and high quality material, not wobbly at all.

QUESTION Is there enough space for keyboard and mouse?

Yes, each sit-stand desk attachment has its own keyboard tray available.

QUESTION How do I adjust the height?

By clasping the handle, the standing desk will automatic raise and lower.

QUESTION Will the standing desk converters parts break if I adjust the height for many times?

No, SpassWay standing desk converters are made of high quality material and the premium gas spring system guarantees the long service life.

QUESTION Why is a standing desk converters useful?

The standing desk converter also makes it easy to transform your existing work desk into a sit-stand workstation. At the same time, this sit-stand workstation brings more work dynamics that reduce stress, promote blood circulation and stimulate circulation which is good for your health.

QUESTION Does the desks have enough space for everyday work?

Yes, you can put a monitor on the table.

QUESTION Is there enough space for my feet at the bottom?

Yes, you can even put your feet comfortably on the stand.

QUESTION Is the gas spring mechanism of high quality? Will it not work after long time use?

The gas spring mechanism is of high quality. The mobile laptop tables have a warranty of 3 years.

QUESTION What is the difference between MR-01B and MR-02B?

The main difference between them is that MR-01B is more multi-functional, which has groove for phone/tablet/Kindle as well as a cup holder & a bag hook. Nevertheless, MR-02B equipped with L-shaped support structure is more stable.

QUESTION Are the casters lockable?

Yes, all four casters are lockable.

QUESTION I am afraid of my laptop falling down during up/down.

Don't worry, SpassWay mobile laptop tables made of steel & aluminum are ultra-stable.

QUESTION Is the table only suitable for laptop?

No, you can also edit documents, read books, eat etc on it.

QUESTION Why is buying a mobile laptop table worthwhile?

The first and probably the best reason is that it’s easy to transport with lockable carters. With it, you can work anywhere, for example, in the study or living room, on the chair or sofa. In addition, the height adjustment function offers numerous advantages such as reduction of muscle and back pain, increased brain activity and work efficiency, etc.

QUESTION I need other or alternative accessories for the desks, can I also purchase them from SpassWay?

Of course, you can buy workstation accessories from us. We also offer alternative monitor mount, cable management, anti-fatigue mat and more for the workstation.

QUESTION Are the accessories useful for working comfort and productivity?

Yes, they are all useful helpers for workplace.

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