How to Chooses Tempered Glass Office Chair Mat?

We recommend following our Easy Measuring Tips to determine the ideal Glass Office Chair Mat size, personalized for your office!

  1. When sitting in a chair, move the chair around the office to identify areas where the chair typically moves when accessing a filing cabinet or printer.
  2. Tape off the area on the floor with blue tape to best visualize the area you want your Glass Office Chair Mat to cover.
  3. Using a tape ruler, measure the area of the blue tape. We recommend measuring at least 2 times to ensure accuracy.
  4. Once you get your ideal size, choose a glass office chair cushion from our 18 popular stock sizes, or visit our Vista collection to design your custom glass chair cushion.
  5. Seeking additional assistance? Our Customer Care Specialists are here for you. Email us:
Why Choose Tempered Glass Office Chair Mat?
  1. Strong and Sturdy: Tempered Glass is made by heating ordinary glass to its softening point and then suddenly cooling down to form compression in the surface layer of the glass, which processing make full tempered glass above 4 times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness.
  2. Safer for You and Your Family: Our office chair mat for carpet is very strong, shattering hardly ever occurs. Even if it gets broken when it's hit by huge force accidentally, it shatters into many small fragments and the fragments will not spill out, which prevent major injuries. This type of glass is intended for uses requiring superior strength and safety properties while standard glass could pose potential risk of injuries.
  3. Durable, Last for Years to Come: Different from other PVC/Plastic chair mat, our glass chair mats for carpeted floors is scratch resistance, stain resistance, easy to maintain, will not crack, will not fade during daily use.


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