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I ordered this standing desk for my home office setup. I love the design and finishing of the desk. It is very easy to assemble and takes less than 20 mins to assemble the desk. The move up and down functionality is very smooth and it doesnt make much sound when it is moving. The desk space is enough to fit my 2 laptops and a monitor. I can also set the sit and stand positions to the desk so that I can use the single button instead of using up and down buttons all the time. I recommend this product for purchase.

Really loved this office desk. Replaced my old regular desk with this one so I can do office work while standing and avoid long sitting hour on office chair. Really recommended item during this pandemic time. Material is quite heavy and needs about 40 minutes to assemble this. Ordered the black which is perfect for my office space.

Exactly what I wanted

I had been looking and looking for an Ergo desk for home office and decided on this one... My husband said it was easy to put together and setting up the memory desk hights.all and all love it..

quality as promised; so far happy

No shaking when going up / down. No shaking when typing. I have a large monitor and a couple of laptops. Going on 3 days so far it is sturdy. Installation took less time than I expected and it was not complicated either. Thumbs up, so far.

Fantastic, especially for the price

Attaching the desk to the stand was a bit cumbersome, but overall assembly took only about 30-40 min. Would be even faster with a drill and the right size bits for the screw and Allen wrench.

It feels very sturdy and works to go up and down just as you would expect. I have one of their monitor stands, as well as a laptop stand of theirs. Both attached easily in seconds.

Highly recommend, especially for those in store for remote work for the foreseeable future.

Perfect WFH Solution

Relatively easy to assemble. Nice top, very spacious and sturdy. I put the desk all the way up and it doesn't wobble around. I also added a Vesa mount for two 27in monitor. Great for working at home.

Exactly what my home office needed

I LOVE my SpassWay motorized table! Fantastic customer service (5 stars for Jane)! I teach 2nd grade and have been teaching from home. I was sitting at my tiny little desk all day and my back was killing me...that is, until I purchased my awesome SpassWay adjustable table. Everything stays in place when my table moves up and down. It is also really quiet--I make adjustments pretty often while Zooming with my students (they don’t even notice). Also, the customer service is AMAZING! My first table top arrived damaged (to no fault of SpassWay - it was definitely the shipping company’s fault). I emailed and got a response immediately. Jane was my rep--she was fantastic! I sent her some photos of the damage and she made sure a replacement table top was on its way (it arrived quick). Talk about great customer service!!! I liked the table so much, my husband ordered one for his office as well (now we own two). Also, I am not a tall person (5 ft. 4 in.)--I did a bunch of research, this table top’s lowest position is much lower than many of the competitors (this was important to me). I highly recommend buying from SpassWay. Thanks, Jane!

Pleasantly surprised; exactly what I needed

I spent A LOT of time researching different models of standing desks before selecting this one. It has the perfect size, and it's the best value. Based on my research of the previous reviews, I knew this was arriving in 2 separate packages, but I was worried it would take months to ship. I think that particular review must have been affected by COVID, because both packages for this desk arrived within a day of each other . The instructions were very clear, and all the holes aligned .The color of surface is wonderful!! My favourite!!What's more, their service is very good, I will recommend to others.

very sturdy. Good value for money

Been using this for a while and I am extremely pleased that it turned out to be good value for money. this is shipped in two boxes. The base is packaged extremely well. The desktop is also packaged well。Assembly was relatively easy. The desk raises and lowers quickly and quietly, and is much smoother than the sit/stand desks we have at work. I’m very happy with this purchase.

This desk is a GAME CHANGER!!!

I’ve been using this desk for a few days and I’m already in love! I have worked from home for 10 years and this is the biggest upgrade my home office has ever received! This desk is very sturdy, was easy to assemble (less than an hour) and is so easy to use! This is the best standing desk I’ve seen for under $350- I’ve seen similarly priced options that require a hand crank to raise and lower the desk. This is so much easier - the desk changes height with just the click of a button. It’s so easy that I’m changing positions regularly throughout the day, and it feels amazing not to sit all day long. Truly a game changer for me, highly recommend!

Quality Desk

This desk exceeded my expectations. It’s hard to know what you’re going to get without seeing it in person. If you’re thinking about getting this, get it!

This is very sturdy and high quality. Arrived in perfect condition. No tabletop corner chips or anything. This is heavy and not flimsy. The table top is one piece. I came across others this large that were made with two pieces due to the size. I didn’t want a lip, and possibly uneven one, in the middle of the surface.

Just buy it. It will meet and exceed your expectations. A rachet or power tool will finished the assembly faster! the delivery is very fast.just cost me 4 days to get it! love!


Absolutely love this chair! Beautiful pink and very bright white. Looks stylish and still comfortable for sitting in all day for work.

The express was very fast. I received it on the fourth day after I bought it. I couldn't wait to open it.Setup was simple, took me about 30 minutes, and required two people for some parts.The packing is in good condition and there is no damage.I really like the color of the table top, very advanced.It feels much better than black.The noise is very low and it rises very fast.Two memory files are enough for me. I would recommend to others.

Easily adjustable desk

My husband easily assembled this and it has been a great addition to our home office. I can very easily adjust it up or down depending on my need.


If you need a stand up or sit down table on wheels, this is it. The wheels do lock if needed. Perfect size. This is the right one to get, for those who need to stand up at times in the work place. Great product! Easy instructions, well packaged!

Works Flawlessly!

I spend a lot of time at the computer so I need to be able to sit and stand off and on. This desk just works. I set the height for siting and standing and just have to push the button to have it quietly go up or down to the preset heights—SO much better than the "on the desk" version I was using before where I had to manually raise it up and down. I can't believe the price for the quality you get. It came very well packaged but there was one small blemish on the desktop that looked like it might have happened at the factory. My keyboard covers it so I never see it, and it wasn't a deal breaker for me. But I couldn't be happier with the desk!

This desk is amazing! Just buy it.

This desk is so freaking awesome. I put it together almost by myself in about 40 minutes. Having a second person was helpful for a couple of steps where you had to balance the heavy legs. It works REALLY well. The mechanics are very quiet, simple to program, and the desk can go from sitting to standing in under 12 seconds. You can also just adjust it manually. Another nice thing is that you can use the provided tabletop, but you could also use any desktop if you wanted something a little bit higher-quality or even just something that matched your room better. The tabletop provided is very functional, large, but not beautiful. This has been perfect for quarantine remote work and I have recommended it to many friends.

Tall and wide enough

I previously purchased a stand up table/desk for my laptop but it turned out to be too small, shaky, was manually adjusted with screws you had to take out and put back and was not tall enough even at its full height. This one is just what I need. I initially thought it might be too wide but it is not. I can put my laptop, mouse, notebook, cup and I'm not worried if I move something I'll knock something else off. It adjusts so easily I end up comfortable whether I'm standing or sitting.


The item is well packaged and nothing has moved during transport.
The assembly is very easy, the instructions are clear and the tools are provided (Allen key/screwdriver and a wrench).
The products are of good quality and will last for a long time.
The pneumatic system is very pleasant to use. The advantage of this system is that you can precisely adjust the height you want.
In short, this table really looks like a quality product.

Great buy!

Packaged VERY well. Easy enough to install. Works great. Exactly what I needed and a seemingly dependable purchase.


Although not designed for this type of table, it fits very well. The three screws supplied can be used as they do not protrude.

The fact that you can choose the number of modules is useful. The modules are well designed because the cables can be routed both in front and behind, as well as to the right and left.
Furthermore, the cable can be fed in or out at any height.

I am very satisfied with my purchase.

This is a pandemic work-from-home purchase to allow me to stand while workingonline. It's not the $$$ very pricey and fancy stand-up desk I have in my office, but it meets my needs at home. I wish it were a couple of inches taller, but I'm willing to compromise that for the price. I have a HUGE laptop, and it fits on the surface of this table with a mouse and a drinking glass. I wouldn't put anything more on it than that and don't lean on it. Easy to assemble with clear instructions.


I love this desk. As a teacher I used it as a podium and it was perfect for that. I am not teaching this year and have found many uses for this desk as it raises and lowers. I highly recommend. It is a good price and well made.

Great desk! Super easy to use.. A friend of mine did it for me after my knee surgery and I felt bad watching them struggle. Could have been him cause he isn't the best at that stuff. I think the directions were fairly simple though. I love it. T it fits two monitors and a laptop which is what I needed for my work setup along with all my stuff that I wind up collecting throughout my work day as you can see.