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How to Optimize Your Desktop with Minimum Effort - 4 Useful Tips


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For those who work at office, messy desktops often reduce our work efficiency. Many people choose to clean it up once the desktop is not tidy. However, frequently reorganize your desk accessories is not an effective way in the long run. Thus, in order to achieve convenient and effective management of your desktop, here are three useful tips and some recommended products for you.

1. Reduce the desk space occupied by items

The foremost thing to optimize your desktop is to save more space. In order to do so, you need to turn your limited flat space into a three-dimensional one. There are several products that can achieve this goal:

Laptop & tablet stand

Tablet and laptop stand are really helpful. With them, you no longer need to place your devices on your desktop so that to save more desk space. Also, these items can be adjusted to different angles and provide more comfortable viewing heights that fits your eye level while you are sitting or standing.

standing desktop


Book stand holder

Besides laptop tablet stands, book holder is also a tool that helps you make good use of three-dimensional space. By using book holders, you can place your books in a vertically to the desktop in a suitable level according to your own need. This will also help you sit straightly in a correct posture to protect your eyes, neck, back and spine.

book stand holder


Monitor mount

Moreover, you can also use single or dual monitor arms to optimize desktop by lifting or swiveling monitors to different heights and angles, which on the one hand, improve your viewing angles and prevent you from suffering muscle discomfort and prolonged sitting diseases, and one the other hand, reduce the area of the desk occupied by the monitors.

monitor arm


2. Keep everything organized

To optimize desktop, it’s also important to manage your items in order and always keep your desktop clean and tidy.

Storage box

A storage box is highly recommended for office item organization. You need to classify different types of items and place the same categories in the same zone respectively. This will significantly reduce the time to find what you need without wondering where they are and wasting a lot of time.

book desk


Cable management spine

The clutter of wires and cables often makes the desktop messy and also disturbs our thoughts. Therefore, it’s time to manage and keep them in order with cable management spine. It comes with several channels inside that keep different types of power and data cables segregated and organized in any angle. And it will be hidden  attached to the back of the desk instead of placing on the desk surface, which save plenty of space and looks really neat.

cable management spine


3.Place some personal items to improve your mood

Long hours working at desk can be exhausted. We need something that can refresh our mind. Personally, I strongly suggest you to place some of your personal items on to your desktop such as flowers, your family albums, beautiful desk cover, customized wallpaper, creative keyboard/mouse mat, etc. Trust me, these small object will make a huge difference in leveling up your work experience and improve your work mood.

working desk


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