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Four tips to help you improve your work efficiency at home


There is no doubt that Covid-19 completely changed people’s way of living and working. This pandemic has already affected a large numbers of companies - some has no choice but to slow down or even pause their operation, more of the others choose to let their employees work remotely in order to keep the company running. 

However, home is a comfortable place for people to rest instead of work. Most people have a sense of feeling that their work efficiency is extremely lower when working from home than working at their actual offices or other workplaces. So how can we improve work efficiency at home? It’s actually quite easy! Here are some tips for you:


    1.Dress neatly


If you wear your pajamas when working, obviously your work won’t be high. Why? Because it’s too cozy! Once a person is in a comfortable situation, he or she won’t feel like doing anything. It doesn’t mean that you need to wear formal business suit like in the workspace, you just need to wear neat clothes such as shirts or hoodies. Don’t underestimate it, a neat clothes can refresh your mind and help you get rid of laziness.


    2.Schedule fixed working hours


People usually don’t have the sense of urgency at home - we can start or pause working at anytime and get some rest; whereas at the workplace, there is a fixed commuter time and lunch break every day, and we can only do work-related things during working hours. Even when we want to answer a private phone call we have to go outside and be quiet. In order to also be super productive at home, we do need to separate private time and work time as well as set up fixed working hours and strictly follow the rules just as if we were working actually at office.


    3.Create a working area


Moreover, we all have a fixed place at office, so we should also create a working area at home. Imagine if we don’t have a fixed working area at home - we sometimes work in bed, sometimes at the dining table and sometimes on the sofa, with the TV on and kids running around you - can you focus on your work? The answer is obviously NO. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to create a working area at home and separate it from other home space - it could be a whole room or even just a small desk, but do make sure this area only belongs to you when you are working.


    Update office equipment

What’s more important, I also recommend you to update your current office equipment at home. This will significantly increase your productivity. Here are just some of the examples:

     a. An AI assistant

There are too many things for us to remember and schedule, especially when working at home. People often miss the deadline of a task or a phone/video call with someone. Thus, you may need a AI assistant with you and keep reminding you what you need to do next.

     b. A whiteboard


Do not limit your work with desk, laptop and keyboard. A small whiteboard can be one interesting choice in your working area. You can easily brainstorm, write an outline of to-do list on it, which will make your brain really clear.

   c. A massage gun 


Your muscle can be extremely tight after long hours of working on your chair. The massage gun creates different levels of vibration, awakening muscle throughout your body such as your neck, shoulder and back, so you can ease your entire body strain quickly and effectively.

  d. An anti-fatigue mat


Sedentary lifestyle is not good for your health. Not only your shoulder and back will feel painful, but also your legs and feet will be uncomfortable. In this case, you may need a anti-fatigue mat to ease your pain. The anti-fatigue mat is made with advanced material that is extra thick, soft and durable. Place your feet on it while sitting or standing will greatly relieve your muscle strain, especially on your legs and feet.  

   e. A monitor mount


Your personal computer or laptop has limited viewing angles which you probably will feel uncomfortable about your eyes, neck and back after a long time. To solve this problems is really easy - just buy a single/dual monitor mount. With this device, you can tilt and rotate your monitors to almost any degree. This will help you optimize your viewing angle and save your eyes and neck.


With these tips, I’m sure your work efficiency at home will reach a new level. Don’t hesitate! Try them right now!

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