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What Are The Best Moments to Stand up at Work? 8 Tips for Using A Standing Desk


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What is a standing desk?

A standing desk or stand-up desk is a desk conceived for writing, reading or drawing while standing up or while sitting on a high stool.


standing desk


Why choose a standing desk?

No matter long hours standing or sitting, it will influence your body health. Only the sit-stand alternative way is the most healthy and scientific working way and will lead a huge revolution of health working.

incorrect sitting posture


Tips for using a standing desk

Most of us usually sit to work from morning to evening when they work at the office or home. So we need a healthy way to change the normal working way. The standing desk is our first choice. But if you have a standing desk, how do you get the balance from sitting and standing.
We will share some tips for a better use of a standing desk according to our experience.

1.Standing from morning
Keep your desk at a standing status when you leaving the office at night. So you will start standing working in the morning. If you sit at the beginning of the day, it's difficult for you to change your working way.

stretch in the morning

2.On the phone or Meeting
I will adjust the height of my standing desk and say hello when I get a call. It's a short time for you to relaxing and change your body feature.
So many topics and meetings need to be discussed at working day. But most people like to have a meeting in the meeting room, sitting status is their first choice. Choose to stand, you may find more productivity about the meeting theme.

on a phone at work

3.Doing an easy task
I am serious that you will full of energy when you standing to work. Simple work like send an email or check the normal data is a small task that can be finished when you standing. The result is the same at sitting.

stand up working

4.After lunch
When you will go to lunch, you can adjust the desk height so you can stand to work after you finished your lunch.
Made you focus on your work with energy.

5.Your enemy is chair
Whether in work or life, chairs are a necessary product. For a better habit of standing working, it's useful for your to put your chairs away from your eyesight.

sitting diseases

6.Step by step
If you do not use the height adjustable desk before, it's difficult for you to find the balance between sitting & standing. You may focus on standing at the beginning time and want to enjoy the benefits of standing.
Don't hurry! Please spend more time to find the balance and create your habit.
from siiting to standing

7.Swing with Music
Listening to music made you focus on your standing working and reduce the desire of sitting.

listen to a music to relax

8.Using Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat
Stand comfortably and feel the difference an anti fatigue support mat can make. The anti fatigue mat uses soft and highly elastic material to provide you with a comfortable feeling.

anti fatigue floor mat
1.The explaination of standing desk is from Wikipedia.

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