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Tired after Sitting for A Long Time? Time to Get A Height Adjustable Desk at Home


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In Recent year, we often read about news articles that some employees died from overwork. When it comes to the word ‘overwork’, the most possible reasons we come up with are work pressure, long work hours and stay up late, etc. However, many people ignore that sedentary office life will also cause extremely negative influence on their health such as bad digestion of stomach and spleen, muscle ache, stiff neck, dizziness, headache, heart disease, mental depression and even death. WHO has already listed sedentary lifestyle as one of the top ten deadly diseases. Nowadays, there are approximately 2 million people die from it.


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Why sedentary lifestyle brings health problems

Scientific evidence shows that people in sedentary occupations are the ones that more likely suffer cervical and lumbar vertebra diseases. When a person’s head is tilted forward, the pressure on the cervical vertebra will increase significantly. 



Also when a person sit while working, the force on his or her cervical spine will greatly exceed the force while standing - the spine carries 150% of the pressure when sitting properly; while the spine carries 270% of the pressure when the sitting position.


Why choose to buy height adjustable desks

Due to the spread of COVID-19, people has begun working at home, and the hours they spent on sitting has dramatically increase. Most people will feel uncomfortable of their neck after sitting for such a long time. Therefore, it’s time to change a new way of working to solve this problem - alternate sitting and standing. This kind of working style will help protect your cervical vertebra and reduce the possibility of suffering from those diseases I mentioned earlier. In this case, a sit-stand desk - height adjustable desk is really necessary.


Tips for buying a height adjustable desk

If you are considering to buy a height adjustable desk, here are some of the factors you should pay attention:

  • Is it electric or manual - electric one are more recommended because it save more effort and more stable
  • What is its weight capacity & desk dimension - it depends on your own need
  • Does it have noise when the desk is lifting - noise can be annoying
  • Does it has memory function - this will help memorize your personal sitting and standing habit so you won’t need to reset again next time


Why choose SpassWay height adjustable desk

SpassWay electric height adjustable desk offers a healthier and comfortable working experience by allowing you to change height of the desk and create on-demand standing throughout the day.  It not only reduces the risk of neck and back pain, cervical vertebra disease, obesity, heart problems and other physical problems, but also help relieve your mental pressure from working for a long time which is vital to your wellness.


SpassWay electric height adjustable desk uses ergonomic design to make the product adapt your habit instead of letting you to adjust to the product. The large work surface provides enough space for a variety of monitors or laptop setups, plus room for ongoing projects and office supplies. Powerful lift it easier about quickly, smoothly and comfortably switch from sitting to standing at a speed of 1"/second, an industrial-grade steel frame combined with a solid desktop that can carry around 176lbs stuff.




Is your want to lift or lower the desk, it is really easy to operate - just find the control panel and push two fixed patterns: sitting and standing. You can adjust to any height of a fixed range, depending on your own need. It can stop at any height smoothly. What’s more important, it also has 2 memory presets to easily find your own ideal height which help save your time to reset it again and again.


In a word, choosing SpassWay electric height adjustable desk will improve your health condition without sacrificing productivity. It’s time for you to change your way of working at home!


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