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How to DIY Standing Desk - 5 Simple Ways to Build Your Own in 2021


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“Sedentary lifestyle is killing us”, “sitting is the new smoking”...I bet you have heard about these words. Indeed, long hours sitting at work is no good for people’s health in the long run. And standing up working has become a new trend and healthy alternatives these years. However, a standing desk can be really expensive. For those people who want a standing desk but with limited budget, perhaps building your own standing desk is a better idea:  This article will mainly cover three parts:

  • Why we need to stand up working?
  • Why building our own standing desk?
  • 5 DIY Standing desk solutions I recommend

Why we need to stand up working?

The motivation was simple - after working all day and sitting still for a long time, the not-so-young employees started to feel back and neck pain; in addition, after lunch and at 3-4 pm, many people may feel that it is the most drowsy and sleepy time in the day's work, so standing for a while makes feel much more comfortable.

working at office

Afterwards, we learned about the "hazards of sedentary". When sitting, the muscle electrical activity is almost zero, and the body's metabolism consumes very little energy, so the heart rate, metabolic rate, insulin effectiveness and quality cholesterol level will decrease in the long run. Several studies have shown that the probability of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are significantly higher in sedentary people.

 stand up working

Standing up offers a healthier solution for your workspace. It does not mean that people should always stand up at work. You can sit down if you are tired of standing for a long time, and of course you can also stand up if you feel that you have enough sitting - just adjust to your own need and make yourself comfortable. In particular, some people who are not suitable for long-hour standing because of health reasons need to pay attention.

Why building our own standing desk?

The main reason is, of course, to save money! If you already know about standing desks, you have found out that they are not really that cheap. There are many types of standing desks, more expensive ones such as electric height adjustable standing desk and pneumatic mobile height adjustable standing desk, and relatively cheaper one such as standing desk converters. However, most of these desks can still cost around $300 or even more. So, DIY standing desks is a good idea one can use to save money and achieve the goal of getting an adjustable workstation. There are plenty of options you can make yourself a standing desk on budget. Here are my favorites.

how to build your own standing desk

5 DIY Standing desk solutions I recommend

1. Build a tall desk with riser

The first cost-effective way is to simply build a DIY desk. You can customize the height according to your own need. There is an optional riser included, where you can place your monitor on. This will cost you only around $10.

DIY standing desk wood

2. Turn bookshelf into standing desk

This one is easy and free. First decide what height you want your workstation to be, found a suitable bookshelf, and remove all the shelves above that. Then, just clean it up a little bit and put your laptops and accessories on it. Done! The only problem is that if your bookshelf probably does not have the option to adjust shelf heights, so if you really wanted it at a different level you could drill new holes for the pegs.

turn bookshelf into standing desk

3. Place a table on your original one

For this, you can have many options. One I recommend is to buy an Ikea lack side table. By combining an Ikea lack side table, a couple of brackets, and a shelf, you can just place them on any of your existing desk. It’s a great design because you can also place your keyboard and mouse on the shelf, and all of them cost less than $30.

Ikea lack side standing desk

Another option is even more simple and help you save more money. What you need is a sturdy long board and some old books. Just place the board onto those books. This will leave you  enough room to place all your stuff. You can also adjust the height by adding or removing the number of books.

DIY standing desk with books

4. Use wall-mounted table

If you need a small but still functional standing desk, consider mounting the monitor on the wall. You’ll save space on the desktop. Another good idea is to have a desk that folds down. This way you can use the extra space for other purposes when you’re not using it. This cost you around $40.

wall mounted standing desk

5. Turn ladder into standing desk

Similar to the bookshelf, you can also use your ladder to customize a standing desk. Put your laptop or monitor on the top and place your keyboard and mouse on the second shelf. This ladder standing desk may be a little small, but it also takes up very little space in your home, and can be easily moved to wherever you want.

ladder standing desk
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