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Is It Really Important to Own A Gaming Desk?


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Is gaming desks really necessary for gaming experience compared to normal computer desks? The answer is definitely YES. 


Gaming desk was originally a kind of gaming computer desk especially designed for e-sport events. In terms of appearance, function and design concept, it is very different from normal computer or laptop office desks.


Nowadays, a large number of internet Cafes, internet bars, e-sport restaurants and e-sport hotels all uses gaming desks instead of ordinary computer desks for their customers. There must be some important reasons behind it. As for the appearance, gaming desk looks cooler,colorful and more attractive; as for the feature, gaming desks usually have more features and multiple functions to better satisfied people’s need; and as for the design, Gaming desk uses more humanized and ergonomic design to make ‘desks adapt and serve human beings’ instead of ‘human beings adapt desks’.


Today, I’ll take one SpassWay gaming desk FS-XGD21-RK as an example to show its advantages and how it will benefit people in many aspects, especially your gaming experience.

 SpassWay Ergonomic Gaming desk


High End Material

The whole gaming desk is coated with high end carbon fiber texture and metal frame, which has extremely nice touching and appearance. The 47.2"Lx23.6"Wx29.1"H desk is larger than your normal computer desk at home or office, which offers spacious space and sturdy enough for all of your gaming gears. So why using carbon fiber texture? Carbon fiber is lighter in weight than aluminum metal, but stronger than steel. It has high hardness, high strength, light weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and waterproof, which will be able to support your high-intensity gaming and training requirement and bring longer service life.




Ergonomic Design

In addition, the ergonomic concept is penetrated in the whole design. The desks legs are designed in Z shape which can release more space at the bottom of the desk set your legs free and make your legs fully stretched all the time. The desktop is curved-edged that better adapt your body curve so that you won’t feel uncomfortable. Besides, The rounded desk corner reduces potential safety hazard, which prevent you from accidentally being hurt by the corner of the desk. Moreover, the desk leg can adjust 1-2cm height with the foot pad, which keeps the desk stable even on uneven floor.



Cool Shining LED Light

This is probably the most distinctive difference between gaming desks and normal office desks. This gaming desk comes with RGB LED lights plastic gaming cover. This unique design makes your gaming desk more stylish and attractive. You can turn it to your favorite state and enjoy your game in a cool and colorful gaming atmosphere.





More Detail Features

Furthermore, there are several other features that make gaming desks extremely functional. This SpassWay gaming desk has a smart control panel with headphone port, microphone port, power botton, mode button, color button and music mode which is really convenient. The desk also comes with a monitor riser, a headphone/bag holder, a game handle holder, a plug board holder and a cup holder, allowing you to manage your gaming gears in order, keep your gaming essentials within reach and make your desk surface clean and tidy. The360°rotating cup holder is under the surface of the desktop. It's convenience makes you easy to reach your favorite drinks and lets you focus on the game without worry about water spilling out. Isn’t that amazing?


To summarize, a professional game desk will surely perform better in its material, design, feature and function compared to normal computer desks. If you are a game fan that wants to level your game experience, then buy yourself a gaming desk at home! Check out our website and find the most suitable one just for you and make your quarantine life more colorful during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

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