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Feeling Stressed Out? 6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress


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In everyone's daily life, stress is omnipresent. With the rapid development of society, fierce competition, the workplace is full of high degree pressure. The pressure will only get bigger and bigger as time goes by, and in the long run it is easy to become sick from the pressure, so we need to put stress reduction on the agenda.

 Stress and anxiety

The reality is that stress is everywhere, some people are crushed by the pressure, and stumble, while some people live a more meaningful and efficient. The beauty of this lies in the fact that the former face stress negatively, while the latter use it effectively. So, when you feel stressed, you must learn to self-regulate, relieve pressure and release it. Pressure is everywhere, and it cannot be avoided or escaped. Only when we face it will we realize it is not that scary. Here are some useful tips of how to relieve stress after work.

1. Time management

time management

Time management is very important to reduce stress. As often a case, you will find out that we use 80% of the time, 80% of the energy to do 20% of the most important things. If we can not highlight the focus, in the long run you will find that time management out of control, our self-confidence will be greatly undermined by stress.

schedule your work

Learn to make trade-offs in life. I once met a patient in the clinic who listed dozens of tasks for himself every day, but in reality he could not complete a few of them, which eventually led to extreme anxiety and loss of self-confidence, and had to come to the medical psychology clinic. Generally speaking, the daily life and work needs of a day are distinguished according to two latitudes, "urgent and important", and the most important and urgent things are ensured to be completed, the important but not urgent things can be put in the second place, the urgent but not important things can be put in the third place, and for the things that are neither important nor urgent, just don’t let them bother you at all.

2. Breathing training

Breathing training

Breathing training is simply deep inhalation and deep exhalation, and of course, this is a kind of abdominal breathing method. When breathing in, imagine that the air is sucked into the stomach, the stomach slowly bulge. After sucking enough air, pause in the middle for 3 seconds, and then slowly exhale, so that the stomach deflated, which is one section. Each time you can do 15 to 20 sections, 2 to 3 times a day. Breathing exercise can be taken at home or any suitable places to make you feel really comfortable and ultimately reduce your stress, especially for anxiety patients.

3. Music relief

music relief

When you need to reduce stress, you can also listen to music, which is a very common and effective way. As to what music, in fact, can not be generalized, some people feel more relaxed listening to rock’n’roll, some others prefer jazz, it’s all fine. Just find your own favorite ones.

But one thing is for sure is that the music that can relieve stress must be the music that can personally make you the most relaxed and comfortable to listen to.

4. Go on a trip

go on a trip

Another really effective way to reduce pressure is to go outside and enjoy the nature. The air around the mountains or seaside contains more anions. Anions are necessary for the survival of people and animals. The more anions in the air, the more oxygen the body's organs and tissues receive, the more metabolic functions are flourishing, and the regulation of neurological fluids is enhanced, which helps to promote the health of the body. The healthier you are, the easier it is to calm your mind.

Stress reduction station - we hope that by studying stress and interpreting stress, we can analyze how people in urban life can properly face stress, reduce stress, manage stress, achieve scientific stress reduction in busy work and life, and enjoy a good life without bringing stress home after work.

5. Sleep relaxation

Deep sleep relaxation

Experts from the American Psychological Association believe that with high energy to resist the onslaught of stress, sleep is an important guarantee. If outside noise makes it difficult to sleep, create some artificial "white noise", such as keeping the TV in low voice to cover the annoying noise; eat a small snack before going to bed, so that you do not wake up at night because of hunger. If your mind is still thinking about things after going to bed, then put a notepad or something at the end of the bed, so that what comes to mind can be recorded immediately, do not worry about waking up the next day will forget.

6. Watch horror movies

watch a movie

It has long been said that horror films can stimulate people's adrenaline secretion through the sense of hearing and sight, producing a sense of excitement. Psychologists in the UK have applied this to psychological stress reduction methods. Psychologists suggest that when people feel stressed at work, it is because of their sense of responsibility for their work, and what they need at this time is encouragement and cheer up. So instead of relaxing from stress, motivate yourself to face a stressful situation, such as going to see a horror movie.





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