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Do we need to do exercise after a tired day’s work?


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Does our physical condition suitable for exercise?

I'm so tired after a long time of work in the whole day. Is my physical condition is still suitable for exercise? Today, the editor will answer for you!

Of course, you can exercise after work! Answer this question first! Of course, you can exercise after work. Because the fatigue of office workers usually comes from high-intensity mental work, so it is unwise to give up exercise.

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The benefits of afterwork exericise

According to the recommendations on physical activity put forward by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Cardiology Society, all healthy adults aged 18-65 need to do at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise 5 days a week, or 20 minutes a day greater intensity exercise 3 days a week. (The sports mentioned here include not only sports such as running, but also daily labor)

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1. Effectively alleviate fatigue:

The body's intake of oxygen is reduced in a relatively closed working environment for long hours, and it is very easy to cause fatigue and drowsiness. Exercise after work can improve the body's oxygen uptake, thereby alleviating this fatigue.

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2. Improve sleep quality:

Most office workers have sleeping problems even though they are so tired. Exercising after get off work can stretch the whole body, relax the spirit, and significantly improve the quality of sleep.

improve sleep quality

3. Promote weight loss:

The last and most important reason is that going home after getting off work can promote fat loss. During the daytime work is mainly about sitting, there is no way to consume excess energy, exercise after getting off work, aerobic exercise to burn fat, anaerobic exercise to shape, it is more helpful to maintain a perfect body!

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What exercise should I do after get off work?

For most friends, moderate-intensity exercise is more appropriate. Not only can it have the effect of exercise, but it will not affect the state of work the next day because of excessive exercise.

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What are the moderate-intensity exercises?

Jogging and brisk walking. Of course, if you are overweight or have knee discomfort, you can choose leisure swimming and other activities that are more friendly to the knee joint.

Basketball, tennis, badminton and other sports are more intense sports, you can put it on the weekend with your friends and play together. Sports parties are both perfect!

moderate intensity

Under what circumstances should you stop exercising?

We recommend that everyone that there are many reasons for fatigue, involving the following reasons, the exercise after getting off work needs to be stopped:

what happen when stop exercising

1) In a cold state. It is usually easier to get tired. You need to wait to return to a healthy state before you start exercising.

2) Engage in heavy physical labor.

3) Having socializing, after drinking alcohol.

4) Muscle soreness caused by excessive exercise the previous day;

5) If you leavework and enter a relatively comfortable environment, and there is still no way to relieve fatigue. You may be really tired and you need to take a good rest and exercise again!

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