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Are Massages Gun Worth The Money? 4 Things You Need to Know


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The role of the massage gun has always been exaggerated and questioned. Many people are not really clear about what the massage gun actually is, some follow the trend to buy one, but do not know how to use it, so it has been neglected in the corner for a long time. In fact, as long as we figure out the real functions and benefits of the massage gun, then we will find out the answer whether it is really worth buying it.

massage gun

What is massage gun?

Massage gun first originated from medical shock wave - when the shock wave enters the human body, it will have different effects on the cells because of the different media it touches, which can play a role in stimulating the body to produce a healing response, accelerating the repair process, relieving pain, and inhibiting the transmission of pain information.

Fascia muscle anatomy

Based on this principle, DMS, fully known as Deep Muscle Stimulator, was gradually derived for medical treatment of soft tissue injuries, progressive spinal curvature, post-operative limb recovery, pain due to myofascial, muscle spasm and other symptoms.

 Deep massage stimulator

However, the DMS is expensive, often tens of thousands of dollars a piece, and requires professionals to operate the use, generally only hospitals or specialized institutions will be equipped with such equipment. In order to make it more convenient for daily use and to relieve muscle fatigue and soreness after exercise or for other reasons, the massage gun was born.

 Deep massage stimulator

What is the scientific principle of massage gun?

Muscle soreness is divided into two cases, one is the pain produced immediately after exercise, this is called acute muscle soreness; the other is the pain occurred a few hours or overnight after exercise, and accompanied by fatigue, muscle stiffness and other symptoms, which is called delayed muscle soreness.

After we carry out a heavy exercise program or suddenly change the content of the exercise, the next day will feel that all the muscle pain, walking or sitting and standing become difficult - this is the delayed muscle soreness caused by. This phenomenon occurs because of our body's muscle protection mechanism, which protects the body while also hindering muscle recovery.

To relieve this symptom, you need to reach the deeper muscle tissues in a specific way to relieve muscle pain, but ordinary stretching methods like foam roller can only work on superficial muscles and cannot reach the deeper ones.

In a research experiment on 45 women at India's Central University, researchers compared the effectiveness of vibration therapy with massage for the relief of delayed muscle soreness.

The subjects were randomly divided into 3 groups after exercise, group A vibration, group B massage, and control group C did nothing.The results proved that, as opposed to doing nothing after exercise, by way of vibration or massage can effectively relieve muscle soreness, and with the increase in time, the vibration group has a better effect. Thus, massage guns are worth buying.

Who need massage gun?

Widely application of massage gun
  • Sedentary people who need to stay in one position for a long time, such as office workers, students, and game
  • The elderlywith increasing back pain problems due to age.
  • People who are plagued by occupational diseases such as professional athletes, dancers, and  sports enthusiasts.
  • People who need to recover from injuries due to fasciitis, sports strains, hand and foot cramps, and other problems

What are the main functions and benefits of massage gun?

1. Release Lactic Acidand reduce muscle soreness

Lactic acid forms when the oxygen levels in the body are low and the body begins to compensate for it by converting newly formed lactate into energy. This often happens during intense exercise and the lactic acid tends to build up in the bloodstream faster than it can burn off, which result in muscle pain, sore and fatigue. Massage guns help release and accumulate more lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles to surrounding tissues, and ultimately reduce muscle ache and soreness.

Lactic acid


2. Accelerate blood circulation

Massage guns provide deep tissue massage, which increases the rate of blood flow and stimulates the nerve receptors responsible for dilating blood vessels. The supply of nutrients and oxygen is also improved due to the massage, therefore increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

3. Deep tissue and muscle healing

Massage guns deliver vibrations deep into the targeted muscle and tissue, increasing the blood flow, which helps produce more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles in a faster speed. In this case, the muscle pain in back, shoulder, leg and other parts of your body can be effectively recovered.

Massage gun and muscle


4. Daily therapy to prevent and recover muscle injury

Whether you are professional athletes, fitness trainers or sport enthusiasts, massage guns are perfect devices to heal and help prevent muscle injury caused by intensive exercise and improve sport performance on your daily basis.

To sum up, massage gun is really worth buying. It is a beneficial device that is widely suitable for all people especially for sedentary lifestyle office workers and students, athletes and sports enthusiasts and the elderly who suffer from muscle sore and stiffness. So why don’t you get yourself one?



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